In MouRO, the way parties work has been notably changed and several features have been added.

Experience Sharing and Level RangeEdit

Level range on MouRO is 30 levels on MouRO for Even Share. This means that if all the players in a party are within a 30 level range from each other, they'll all receive 100% of the EXP that the slain mob would give if they had killed it alone. This allows for players to group together in order to go to more crowded areas or adjust their difficulty to be higher.

However, if they're not within the 30 level range, the "Each Take" option kicks in. As you may have expected, it doesn't work quite as it would normally. Basically, anyone not within a 15 level range of the party leader gains 2% EXP less per level of difference past the 15 level mark. The amount of EXP received is never less than 1%. For example, if the party has three members, with the leader being level 50, one of the other two being 67 and the last being 30, the party leader would receive 100% exp, the level 65 would receive 96% EXP (67-50-15 * 2% = 4% reduction) and the level 30 would receive 90% EXP (50-30-15 * 2% = 10% reduction).


The loot sharing on MouRO is either Shared loot or Individual loot. This means that regardless of which of the two options is chosen, anyone in the party may pick up any items that have dropped from monsters defeated by the party. Also, ninja-looting has been made nigh-impossible, as all loot remains assigned to the party until it despawns or all members of the party walk far enough to lose sight of the item.

Invites and Party OrganizationEdit

On MouRO, party settings can be set to allow anyone in the party to invite more members. If a party is full, more people can still be invited - however, the lowest level offline character will be kicked. In addition, several items have been modified to better suit MouRO's group-oriented gameplay:

  • Amulet: This item has now the ability to immediately teleport the user to party leader, or the next online (and alive) player if the leader is not online (or is dead).
  • Giant Fly Wing: This item can now be used by the party leader as a Emergency Call of sorts. It will teleport all the live, online players that are not interacting with NPCs or shops to him. If used by another party member while the leader is offline, it will snatch the leadership.

In addition to item modifications, all classes now give a bonus to all their on-screen party members when they are leading the party, as follows:

  • Acolyte: +5% MDEF2
  • Archer: +5% HIT
  • Mage: +5% Max SP
  • Merchant: +5% DEF2
  • Novice: +3% BATK
  • Taekwon: +3% MATK
  • Thief: +5% FLEE
  • Swordman: +5% Max HP