This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to correctly install the MouRO client. Not following this guide may cause crashes and other stuff.

Required filesEdit

  • MouRO installer (Will open a download)
  • kRO Client (version 04-12-2013 recommended) Torrent RateMyServer
    • Note: data.grf may not be sufficient, it is recommended that you download entire client.
    • BGM files are optional. Don't download them if you already have them or if you like the game better without music.


  1. Once you've finished the downloads, unpack the kRO files in your desired folder.
  2. Run the installer (MouRO_Setup.exe) and choose the following options: System Files, Open Setup and DLLs. The remaining options are recommended, but not required.
  3. Set the installation directory to where you unpacked the kRO files. If you used the "Browse..." option, make sure that there is no additional "\mouRO\" at the end of the file path.
  4. Let the installer finish.
  5. Once the installer has finished, go to the installation directory and run "opensetup.exe".
  6. Set your desired options.

Congratulations, you are now finished. You can now run the game from "mouro.exe" or from the shortcut on your desktop, if you let the installer create one for you.