In MouRO Dyestuffs, or in short "Dyes", were changed into items that, instead of coloring your clothes, change the shown sprite of your equipments. The system is similar to the Costume system where equipments are used for looks only, but without the need of equiping anything.

The DyesEdit

Each dye is responsible for changing a certain type of equipment based on where it is equiped, the dyes are as follows:

White chibi

White Dyestuffs: Clears all the Dye effects.

Scarlet chibi

Scarlet Dyestuffs: Dyes lower headgear equipment.

Orange chibi

Orange Dyestuffs: Dyes middle headgear equipment.

Lemon chibi

Lemon Dyestuffs: Dyes top headgear equipment.

Violet chibi

Violet Dyestuffs: Dyes left-hand equipment.

Cobaltblue chibi

Cobaltblue Dyestuffs: Dyes right-hand equipment.

Using the DyesEdit

To use a Dye you must have in your inventory at least one equipment related to the equipment slot you wish to dye. By using the dye, a window with all the options you have will appear, and by clicking on the equipment the sprite of the current equipment you have equiped will change.

Notice that the change isn't carried with the equipment, so the dyes doesn't change the equipment's sprite, but they change the sprite that is shown in your character, so whatever equipment you equip in your character, the sprite will stay the same as you've choosen with the dye.

Also notice that the equipment used for the dye doesn't have to be equipable by the character if it is a headgear, but weapon and shield restrictions take on count, so your mage cannot dye a Sword, but it can dye a Mitra or an Assassin's Mask.

In case of Weapons and Shields, if it is equipable your character can dye it even if the currently equipped weapon is of a different type, so a Lord Knight can equip a Spear and dye a Sword and Shield, and you will see a Lord Knight using Pierce with Swords, or you can dye a Dagger in a Sniper even if it is equipping a Bow, and you will see a Dagger shooting arrows. More simple cases are obviously possible, as an Acolyte dying a Wrench for it's awesome looks while using a Stunner.


  • MouRO's dye system was created long before Costumes appeared in the Officials.