As any Ragnarok Online private server, MouRO has a variety of custom commands that can be either usefull or essential for it's players' gaming experience. The commands found in MouRO are mostly unique, giving the server it's unique features and feeling.

The CommandsEdit

Following are the MouRO Commands that can be used ingame:

  • @option - Variety of utility commands that are battle related, including others.
  • @diff, @pdiff - Allows players to adjust difficulty of the map.
  • @main - Lets players speak with the entire server with a broadcast.
  • @info - Displays all kinds of informations about event schedules, equipment, player statuses, etc...
  • @keys - Skill Hotkey storing command.
  • @petmenu, @petskill, @ps - Pet information, utilities and skill definition commands.
  • /attribute+ - Invests attributes faster than by clicking manually.
  • @killable - Allow players to fight each other anywhere.
  • @who - Lists players that are online in the server.


  • MouRO doesn't have the usual command @autoloot, but features a similar command inside @option.