Base stats are the six attributes that you can increase using Status Points. They are STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX and LUK.

Increasing your statsEdit

Upon leveling up, you gain a certain amount of status points. You can then spend these status points to increase one or more of your base stats permanently. The cost of increasing a base stat goes up by 1 with every 10 points of that stat, starting at 2 points per stat, increasing to 3 at 11, to 4 at 21 and so on.

Stat OverviewEdit

As stated above, the base stats are STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX and LUK. These stand for Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intellect (or Intelligence), Dexterity and Luck. Below is an overview of what each stat does.


  • Raises max weight
  • Increases base attack (melee weapons)
  • Increases weapon attack (all weapons)
  • Decreases weapon skill delay time (min delay is attack speed)


  • Raises FLEE by 1 each
  • Raises DEF2 by 0.5 each
  • Raises attack speed
  • Increases walk speed
  • Decreases min~max Magic Attack range


  • Increases max HP
  • Increases HP regen
  • Increases DEF2 by 1 each
  • Increases MDEF2 by 0.5 each
  • Increases DEF (+1 for every 10 points)
  • Reduces knock-back effects


  • Raises max SP
  • Raises SP regen
  • Raises MDEF2 by 1 each
  • Raises HIT by 0.5 each
  • Raises MDEF (+1 for every 10 points)
  • Raises MATK (+1% each)
  • Increases min~max Magic Attack range.


  • Increases base attack (ranged weapons)
  • Slightly increases attack speed
  • Increases HIT by 1 each
  • Increases FLEE by 0.5 each
  • Reduces skill cast times
  • Slightly reduces min~max Magic Attack range


  • Increases critical rate by 0.3% per point
  • Increases lucky dodge by 0.2% per point
  • Increases resistance to lucky dodge/critical
  • Increases rate at which auto-spells come out
  • Increases drop rates by 0.2% per point
  • Raises resist to cast-cancelling