/attribute+ isn't a command, but just a generic way of naming 6 commands that allow the player to invest points in attributes without having to manually click for everysingle point he/she wants to invest. This command greatly spares time and safely invests the points.

The 6 /attribute+ CommandsEdit

The real /attribute+ commands are as follows:

/str+ num

/dex+ num

/agi+ num

/vit+ num 

/int+ num

/luk+ num

These commands work with a single argument, which is a number of how many points you wish to increase that attribute, the command will then increase that attribute by the number you inputted, if you have enough attribute points to invest that is, if points are missing the command will invest up to what it can. As you can notice, each command invests in a specific attribute, so if you want to increase Strength, you must use /str+, and so on.