@keys is a command that allows the player to save up to 3 skill hotkey configurations of a character. It is an usefull command for players that like to have double classing in a character.

Using @keys CommandEdit

@keys is a self-explanatory command. By typing @keys the following instructions appear:

@keys: Allows storing/loading alternate hot-key configurations. Usage:

@keys show - lists saved hot-keys

@keys save [pos] [name] - saves current hot-keys in the given position with the given description

@keys load [pos] - loads the hot-keys in the given postion.

Usage Example:

Arkthus is a Mage who wants to try another class by class-changing with Lei the Professional, but he knows that by trying another class his skill hotkeys will be changed, and so it will be troublesome if by any chance he returns to Mage and has to configure them again, he then decides to save them with @keys.

Arkthus then types @keys save 1 Mage, which will save in the slot 1 the current skill configuration by the name of "Mage". He then wants to check out if it worked, and uses the command @keys show, which shows:

Saved keys:

1: Mage



It is there, time to class-change. Arkthus then changes to Acolyte, and starts changing all his hotkeys with Acolyte skills. He then starts missing the Mage class and decides to return to it, but since he likes the Acolyte class, he decides to store the hotkeys too, by typing @keys save 2 Acolyte, and then checks with @keys show:

Saved keys:

1: Mage

2: Acolyte


It is there, time to return to the Mage class! Arkthus returns to mage and notices that all his hotkeys are gone, since his Acolyte skills vanished and the hotkeys were configured for them, not even Mage skills appear. It is time to use @keys load 1, which will load the skill hotkeys that were stored in the 1st slot, the one named "Mage".

By doing so all his hotkeys change to the Mage skills he has, just like it was before he changed to Acolyte. Some time was spared here, and @keys did it's job.